Variant Cover Policy

Special Order and Variant Cover policy updates

From time to time we update our policies to reflect changing conditions. We try to keep things fair for both customers, and for us as retailers.  We are updating our policies for Special Orders and Variant Covers.

Special Order Policy Clarification:

We love helping you find those hard to get items, but when you place a special order with us, understand that we are ordering a non-returnable product from one of our distributors. If you later decide that you don't want that item, you are sticking us with something that we wouldn't have normally ordered, and this sometimes means we have to unload that item at below cost.

All New Comics Special Order Policy: As soon as a Special Order has been approved it can no longer be removed.

Variant Cover Policy:

Variant Covers have become more in demand, and while we are happy to provide 1:1 variants when they are available, limited edition variants are hard to qualify for, and require more processing on our end. In order to reflect the additional work that goes into variant cover ordering, we are updating our pricing to reflect their value.

  • Variant Covers are sold at current market rates

There is no discount on variant covers.

Variant Covers can only be ordered as Special Orders. They will only be processed if we qualify for the variant tier, and if they can be ordered before the Final Order Cut-Off Date.

As with all special orders, once a Variant Cover special order is placed, it can not be removed.

We hope you understand us clarifying these policies. We are a small business and can't afford to make mistakes with our ordering.

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