Variant Cover Policy

Variant covers are available only to subscribers. We do not keep extras on hand, and will not sell them through our website.

All variant covers will be randomly distributed. This is the most fair thing we can do, and ensures that pretty much every one of our customers will at some point in a calendar year receive one variant cover.

The best part is there is no extra charge for you, and we will not have to absorb any extra charge.

We’ll put a little sticky on the bag if something’s a variant so that you’ll be sure to note the special cover, but we’re not going to treat them specially anymore.

Both Peter and I believe that Variant Editions are not a good value. We are required to purchase more product to qualify for them, and we are forced to pass that cost on to our customers, charging more for variant covers. This artificially inflated price does not last long because two months after the issue comes out, nobody cares. We feel this is not fair to our customers and we are adamantly against anything that harms you guys.

Peter and I both believe that what’s important about comics is the content, not the wrapper publishers put on the comic.

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