The shipping release date says this comic was released and I don't see it pulled

This happens a lot, and there are so many reasons why this could be the case, let me give you a few.

  • Release dates are created and published by lying liars who lie. There are a ton of times where a bunch of sites say something was released and it just wasn’t.
  • Our copies didn’t arrive. Sometimes our distributor forgets to send the copies we need, they make up for it the following week.
  • Our copies were damaged. Sometimes our copies arrive damaged. We do not pull damaged comics, and our distributor will replace them the following week.
  • We didn’t get enough copies. Sometimes we get shorted on something, and we have to wait a week to get all of the copies before we do a pull.  Since most of our customers are on a monthly shipping cycle, this doesn’t impact you 3 out of 4 weeks.
  • Something else dumb happened. There are just so many dumb things that can happen to a comic, but we always track them down and pull them as soon as we have mint condition copies in hand.
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